Wednesday, December 29


I am me. No matter how hard I pretend to be, it can't be perfect. Sometimes, the same question mark always appeared on my mind, why I can't put on those fake expressions like others.

I am me. Never think once, but times, for taking an action. Every situation need to be taken into consideration.

I am me. Forever lean on mood. Moody is bad?? Who cares!?

I am me. Never miss the mark on my first impression (realized recently).

I am me. Trustworthy enough for the trusty ones, vice versa.

I am me. Too mushy to be on my age. Can't stand on any ruthless halfword received.

I am me. And, nobody can change me. I can't pretend to be the one who act as if she love but nevermore. I dont wanna hold my breath on trying to be tough like other. I never wanna trust people in only several face-to-face anymore. Never gonna be that stupid enough on facing this bitter-sweet life. Don't wanna  imitate any smiles for things I have never enjoyed at all.

I just wanna be myself. One that hate pressure. One that need trust. One that hate forces. One that moody all over the time.

and, FRIENDS will be those who can accept me as myself. I appreciate them. :)

Sunday, December 26

Xmas Journal

Kepompong's Christmas Eve Party at Ary's Residence

10 p.m.
Spaghetti for supper, cooked by:
Chef: Deffia
Onion's slicer: Mellika
Tomato's cutter: Christya
Fries shaker: Morinia
HouseKeeping: Eunice
Ingredients supplier & holder: Ary
Photographer: Angel

12 a.m.

Surprised bornday party for Christya with cheesecake, red-egg, and lovely present.

1 a.m.

Cards game accompanied by breezer and Deffia's loud-strange-unfollowable-scream.

2 a.m. 

Morinia & Eunice drunken by a bottle of breezer and going nuts, while Ary got upper-half-red face only by 1 1/2 bottle.
Deffia, Mellika, Angel and Christya watched 'Drag Me to Hell'.

Ayam Penyet Ria with 'Rame-Rame'

8 p.m.

Ayam Penyet Ria for dinner. Accidentally, Angel's sis recognize Christya's sis.

recorded (left to right):
WW, Vinnie, Deffia, Mellika, Angel(with the terrible eyes), Eunice, Ary, Christya, Morinia

Playboy - Robert
1st victim - Fanny
2nd victim - Christya


P.S- 1st thanks is for the presents, love it to the max!
        2nd thanks is for the presence, although it was rain and i know u all got wet.
        Love U all guys! :*

Friday, December 24

Christmases,, christmases,, long long ago!

One day left to christmas day.. This christmas seems so merry, joyful, and free. Finally, exams ended this morning and now im FREE!!! Can't wait to shout it out loud. Staying at home studying all day long this previous days make me realize a BIG changes i dont even notice,, i unfortunately missed those days when people started to buy gifts for people they love, take pictures anywhere with dazzling lightings of Christmas trees, flooded road of peoples, ... Missed capturing those moments, what a stupid school postponed exam until christmas week.

Dinner with Super-Dooper-Cute Friends, Vinnie & WW, at Din Tai Fung. Super Yummy!

Earlier Birthday present from the two chicks,, love it head over heels! So cutee >.<

Wish all Bloggers and Readers an early Happy n Merry Christmas! :)


Thursday, December 9

Exam is coming...!

NLB ranked top in my visited-place-of-the-day. Spend so many hours with Deffia there to add in more description to our notes for exam. Yeap! exam is coming, and I just start composing my amulet-preparation for it. This mind succesfully drive me crazy. I'm so lazy to study. Oh God! I do have to be strict with this mind. MUST STUDY,, MUST STUDY,, MUST STUDY!!! 


Wednesday, December 1


♥ Do well on my final
♥ All the best for my parents
♥ Success in making truffles
♥ FunTime with pals
♥ Mmmmm, meet soul-mate ;p

P.S- Santa,, please appears...

Saturday, November 27


Bought these suit and skirt at G2000 for my presentation. Love it to the max! :)

Really wish it was term 2 now, because crazy-silly-funny Deffia will be in the same class with me. Extra Yayyyness!!! :D

Christmas is coming soon and this is my first time to pass it in Singapore. Happy and sad. Love the feeling of christmas i got here, but then, imma miss that annual bday celebration with mom, dad, bro n fam.

Saturday, November 13


Having a trip with the whole class to vivocity for management project last thursday. Actually, this is my project group, except Selina, the indian girl. After finished searching for shop as a project, we have lunch at Swensen. Done many funny things there. See the only boy with curly hair?? I love his style sooooo much! But, one disappointing things from this chinese boy is that his english is extremely poor! :(


Treated by Anna, Uzbekishtan, at Pastamania today. She is 19 already, last teenage year.

The birthday girl

Selina (India), live in Singapore for 7 years already. She's such a lovely-beautiful friend, keep telling joke and keep making fun. :)

Love to have so many friends from other countries. 

Wednesday, November 10

Grinny Green!

Holla people!!

How's your day? :)
Kinda tell my morning. Run out of clothes to wear because havent wash them yet. I'm not doing it on purpose, swear. Blame my house-mate, idk exactly which one of them, for not picking up their dried clothes so that I got no space for hanging mine if i wash. Poor me.
Okay, let's continue as I'm rambling too much.
Then, this morning when I want to pick my look, guess what i found in my closet? Nothing, except a black-white-stripes T and a green long pants. Is it suited one another? Imo, it was a yes. But people start to stare at me when I walked down the street, wait for bus, and even at school.
I can tell that it's really tired to reck by all those peoples. Every single thing you do will be catched, not free. In reverse, it was fun to catch people's attention. :D
Let's try it some other times!



Wednesday, November 3

Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

Absolutely no one that knows me better
No one that can make me feel so good
How did we stay so long together?
When everybody, everybody said we never would
And just when I, I start to think they're right
That love has died

There u go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There u go making me feel like a kid
Won't u do it and do it one time?
There u go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know oo I'm never letting this go oo

I'm stuck on u
Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby we're stuck like glue
Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby we're stuck like glue

Some days I don't feel like trying
Some days U know I wanna just give up
When it doesn't matter who's right, fight about it all night
Had enough
U give me that look
'I'm sorry baby let's make up'
U do that thing that makes me laugh
And just like that...

There u go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There u go making me feel like a kid
Won't u do it and do it one time
There u go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know oo I'm never letting this go oo

I'm stuck on u
Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby we're stuck like glue
Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby were stuck like glue

Whutoo Whutoo

U almost stay out, too stuck together from the ATL
Whutoo Whutoo

Feeling kinda sick?
Just a spoon full of sugar make it better real quick

I say
Whutoo Whutoo
Whatcha gonna do with that?
Whutoo Whutoo
Come on over here with that
Sugar sticky sweet stuff
Come on give me that stuff
Everybody wants some
Melodies that get stuck

Up in ur head
Whutoo whutoo

Up in ur head
Whutoo whutoo

Up in ur head
Whutoo whutoo

Up in your head
Whutoo whutoo
Whuthoo whutooo
Stuck like glue
U and me together, say, it's all I wanna do
I said

There U go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There u go making me feel like a kid
Won't u do it and do it one time
There u go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know oo I'm never letting this go oo

There u go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There u go making me feel like a kid
Won't u do it and do it one time
There u go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know oo I'm never letting this go oo
I'm stuck on u

Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby we're stuck like glue
Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby were stuck like glue
Whutoo whutoo
Stuck like glue
U and me baby we're stuck like glue

Tuesday, November 2

Nervous + Confuse = Dizzy

Tomorrow is the DAY!!

Have an audition for my university's Idol competition tomorrow and I'm still confuse what song to sing yet. Oh God, please guide me. Prepared practising songs a week ago but then I just cant find the karaoke video version. At last ,I have to alter it to another songs. Frankly speaking, I'm not really enjoy singing these songs and I'm not  confident enough to present it, although I heart it much. 

Called mom n dad just now to beg for their blesses, suddenly remember one last sentence my dad said before I left Medan. "I'm pleased if you ask my favor in times when you are confused"-Dad.  I always love the way my dad said "I know you can do it.", it encourages me a lot. 

From the moment I hang up phone, I set up my mind that I can do it tomorrow. At least, I have to try my best.

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, I love you. 


Wednesday, October 27


Feeling so bad when I heard all of those happened in my country; the tsunami and the volcano eruption. Big condolences for all victims. Let us always pray for the strengthness of them who survive and that all of these disaster will come to an end soon.

God Bless Us.

Tuesday, October 26

Ice Ice Ice

It has been very long time since last time I skate and, finally, I could do it again last weekend, with Merline & her cousin. Though the arena is not that wide enough, it's still fun! =) I'm not that fast to get used to it, but my act is not that bad actually.. hahah At least, I can still walk on the ice. :D


Sunday, October 24

"Whoever is happy will make others happy too."

-Anne Frank-

Friday, October 15

Judy Garland

Judy Garland (10 June 1992 - 22 June 1969) an American actress and singer. She was acting in The Wizard of Oz film and I really love when she sings "Over the Rainbow". The amazing voice makes me chilling, especially in the Judy Garland Show where she had a duet or duel with Barbra Streisand, i think it was the best duet ever. It was hard to find such a precious voice now.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dream that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the stars are far
Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney top
that's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

 [Over the Rainbow-Judy Garland]

Saturday, October 9

Bbq & Choir

Okay, let me tell you what ive done today.

No special things to be shared actually, went to my cousin's house to have my laptop fixed. Fyi, my cousin is a doing-very-well one, he like all about the IT stuffs and i can call him a genius exactly. He can memorize everything fast and get what teachers saying about without revising any of them. You know, sometimes i feel really jealous for being the reverse (read : stupid). One he does lack of is that he is not that good-looking people, like the genius usually act in drama serial. But still, that envious feeling is really appear on me. Maybe im too greedy, i thought.

There are no perfect men in this world, only perfect intentions.  -Pen Densham, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Trying to love this quote from now on. I have to be proud of what i am right now. :)

The best part of today is, actually, isnt about that. I join the bbq party with easb choir members and, i can tell you, it's really fun! Actually, i have forgot what to be called fun lately, since i graduate from high school. I do miss moments in school; the crazy class ever, the gossiping session, the togetherness, the hardworking-part we're going through, and all of the icons.
Talking about the choir members, i love them. They are all friendly. Fortunately, i changed my mind from the absence I've planned yesterday, for not coming to the choir rehearsal. I think if i do that, I'm really really really stupid! Find many Indonesian there.

Last but not least, I'm doing my homework and idk what to write first, and it was too confusing, so that i write this post for refreshing. First hw, anyway, from the marketting lesson. I guess, tomorrow will be the perfect time to have it done, too tired now. Gotta go to sleep then.


Tuesday, October 5

Walk besides reservoir.

 Just bougth this clogs and i love it soooooo much! >.<

Going to Merline's place to take my bb yesterday. Before that, we head to the MacRitchie Reservoir's garden to help her cousin finding some branches for school's assignment. We promised each other that one day we're going to kaya-king-ing there. Cloudy weather but it seemed like 30 degree Celcius there. It's useless to bring cardigan, i think. haha

P.S- i got an award form Miss Dorothy. Thx a lot to you.. 

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Saturday, October 2

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (Day 5)

Location: Penang, Malaysia.

No special visits for today. Accompanied my parents to have medical check-up and go shopping then.

This is my OOTD.


Friday, October 1

Hi, people!

How's your days?
I passed it here, in Singapore, nearly smooth. So many thing to be done here this several days; go to university for the administration, go to immigration centre to take the student pass, buy many houseware to filled my room here. Every day was a busy day. Yeah, that's how people live here, busy and all-to-be-fast.

My wishlist this month is to hope for enjoyably living here.  Hope you all too have a nice one. :)

Nowhere to go tomorrow, shopping again i guess, and my mom's going to go back in the evening. Will miss her a lot.

One thing i really disappointed with is that my father wont let me use iphone. :(  I have wish for that too long. Guess what, i was told to use blackberry, dad got it as a prize. Tell me how to use thing i dont like at all? But, no words to describe that refuse. Well, i'll just use it then, better than my phone now. I really need one with wifi. Hopping for Merline to come here AFAP, she's bringing my phone.


Saturday, September 25

Closer & closer..

2 days left for my staying in Medan. What I feel now is a mix of extremely happy, badly sad and a little tired. Happy cause im gonna start my uni life soon, meeting new friends, and be autonomous. The curiosity about what my life gonna be there always make me impatient to undergo it. Thinking of the university make me questioned many things; How's the lecturers look like? What kind of persons they are? Are those people in the same boat friendly? What kind of social life they are in?...

Yesterday, when i lay on my bed, i suddenly realize that im gonna miss this bed, with 20 something dolls sitting there, accompanied me every night when i sleep. Miss every single thing in my messy room. Miss this lovely house where i cant act out freely-screaming, singing, dancing, idle-ing- everything on my purpose. Miss my beloved mom, her cooking, her shouting, her everything. Miss my tough-brave-cool father, his mad face while facing such fussy customers. Miss my little lovely-cutey-coward-crazy dog, jeje. Miss his strange way of sleep, his barking, his perfect rounded eyes, his shabbyness after rolled up pit below sofa. Last but not least, miss the mosquitos which keep kissing me and dating me without any permission. LOL

Many things left to finished before departing, but it seems that i cant have it all done on time. So tired lately. *sigh

P.S- saw this two cats at the roof of storehouse. So sweet, right?? >.<

Thursday, September 23

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (Day 4)

Location: Pulau Redang, Malaysia.


Saying goodbye to redang. Im gonna miss it badly.

Nothing special. After having breakfast, we were heading to Jetty to take boat back to terengganu. I can say that this is the 'Transport Day'. Why so? We arrive at Penang -after taking plane from terengganu to kuala lumpur continued with the flight to Penang- at 11pm. Oohh,, this is really what-a-day! No problem, that all had been paid off by the very-very nice hospitality given by G Hotel and the facility there. :)

-Continued to Day 5-

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Hi there!

It has been raining almost everyday this month and it set up my head over heels laziness. Going to school with Merline two days ago to have our high school certificate collected. 1 hour later, we were walking at thamrin plaza aimlessly. But then, we head to QQ, one of my favorite corner, to have two Japanese green tea ( it turns out that we both love it! >.< Yayy! ) and have a long talk about her uni life at singapore and some ghost story, and of course gossip! Hihi  :p We miss Yinnary, she is having her addition lesson.

Am really impatient about my leaving. I wish that I could meet Doraemon and asking for the time machine. Passing a boring day filled with quarelling with silly-brash-stubborn brother, i just cant describe how much i dislike him. Fiuh..

Anyway, i saw rainbow this morning after the heavy rain, it looks blur and beautiful. :) Actually, there must be the photo, i've taken, here, but i just cant find my connecting cable right away, where on earth is that cable?

Gonna have x-ray and HIV test tomorrow, early in the morning. Wish me luck to wake up early then.


Wednesday, September 22

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (Day 3)

Location: Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Welcome to More More Tea Inn! :)
This is neither the Inn i was staying nor others. This is a real Inn but not in real life.
Fine, let me tell you.
 There is a romantic comedy drama tittled Summer Holiday in which Richie Ren & Sammy Cheng (both Hong Kong) played as the main actor.  

The story is much more about a Hong Kong career woman, Summer (Sammy Cheng), who's dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job. With little left, she discovers that the Malaysian beach resort she co-owns with her cousin is desired by a developer for upwards of 4 million US dollars. She travels to Malaysia to sell, but discovers that the new co-owner is a beach bum named Mo Mo Cha (Richie Ren). Mor Mor Cha refuses to sell, so Summer decides to stay and persuade him into selling the beach. 
Get what i mean? Redang is the beach they took place in and this More More Tea Inn is the resort, now it was a gift shop. IMO, this movie have a charming actors and wonderfull setting of place, but the storyline aint great. But still, you can find some entertainment from it.

Fyi, the second Summer Holiday is planned to be next year in premiering. Hope that it be greater.

My hair is saying hi.

peeping at the squirrel.

-In action-

Btw, i catch this photo of my mom silently. Love it!  hihi ;)

going nuts. 

C ya at day 4.


Sunday, September 19

Saturday, September 18

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (day 2)

Location: Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Taking boat from Jetty at K.Terengganu to Redang took about 50 minutes.


Welcome to Pulau Redang! 
They do have a good hospitality and facilities. Firstly, they'll give some briefing about the island and what to do's & dont do's. After that, a welcome drink, with the sour& soda taste, served for each person and OMG it's really refreshed my mind again after the almost-one-hour trip on boat.

Not only that, when you see the view of the beach, a big & dumbfounded WOW will come faster than a 'suddenly'. The smooth white sand, the crystal clear water, the blue sky, the coral, all of those things which make you said like what people there have said, HEAVEN.

Lurve this corner soo soo sooooo much, esp the big stone.

Playing Volleyball with the whole family, just pretend that i have lots of family member. haha
Long time since the last time ive played volley, 4 years maybe, and now im loosing my power and technic of smash a little. The result is, my hands was black-and-blue in condition after playing 2 round. Not really that bad as in my first time learning to play. But, we really catch the fun! 

-Continued to Day 3-