Saturday, September 25

Closer & closer..

2 days left for my staying in Medan. What I feel now is a mix of extremely happy, badly sad and a little tired. Happy cause im gonna start my uni life soon, meeting new friends, and be autonomous. The curiosity about what my life gonna be there always make me impatient to undergo it. Thinking of the university make me questioned many things; How's the lecturers look like? What kind of persons they are? Are those people in the same boat friendly? What kind of social life they are in?...

Yesterday, when i lay on my bed, i suddenly realize that im gonna miss this bed, with 20 something dolls sitting there, accompanied me every night when i sleep. Miss every single thing in my messy room. Miss this lovely house where i cant act out freely-screaming, singing, dancing, idle-ing- everything on my purpose. Miss my beloved mom, her cooking, her shouting, her everything. Miss my tough-brave-cool father, his mad face while facing such fussy customers. Miss my little lovely-cutey-coward-crazy dog, jeje. Miss his strange way of sleep, his barking, his perfect rounded eyes, his shabbyness after rolled up pit below sofa. Last but not least, miss the mosquitos which keep kissing me and dating me without any permission. LOL

Many things left to finished before departing, but it seems that i cant have it all done on time. So tired lately. *sigh

P.S- saw this two cats at the roof of storehouse. So sweet, right?? >.<

Thursday, September 23

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (Day 4)

Location: Pulau Redang, Malaysia.


Saying goodbye to redang. Im gonna miss it badly.

Nothing special. After having breakfast, we were heading to Jetty to take boat back to terengganu. I can say that this is the 'Transport Day'. Why so? We arrive at Penang -after taking plane from terengganu to kuala lumpur continued with the flight to Penang- at 11pm. Oohh,, this is really what-a-day! No problem, that all had been paid off by the very-very nice hospitality given by G Hotel and the facility there. :)

-Continued to Day 5-

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Hi there!

It has been raining almost everyday this month and it set up my head over heels laziness. Going to school with Merline two days ago to have our high school certificate collected. 1 hour later, we were walking at thamrin plaza aimlessly. But then, we head to QQ, one of my favorite corner, to have two Japanese green tea ( it turns out that we both love it! >.< Yayy! ) and have a long talk about her uni life at singapore and some ghost story, and of course gossip! Hihi  :p We miss Yinnary, she is having her addition lesson.

Am really impatient about my leaving. I wish that I could meet Doraemon and asking for the time machine. Passing a boring day filled with quarelling with silly-brash-stubborn brother, i just cant describe how much i dislike him. Fiuh..

Anyway, i saw rainbow this morning after the heavy rain, it looks blur and beautiful. :) Actually, there must be the photo, i've taken, here, but i just cant find my connecting cable right away, where on earth is that cable?

Gonna have x-ray and HIV test tomorrow, early in the morning. Wish me luck to wake up early then.


Wednesday, September 22

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (Day 3)

Location: Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Welcome to More More Tea Inn! :)
This is neither the Inn i was staying nor others. This is a real Inn but not in real life.
Fine, let me tell you.
 There is a romantic comedy drama tittled Summer Holiday in which Richie Ren & Sammy Cheng (both Hong Kong) played as the main actor.  

The story is much more about a Hong Kong career woman, Summer (Sammy Cheng), who's dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job. With little left, she discovers that the Malaysian beach resort she co-owns with her cousin is desired by a developer for upwards of 4 million US dollars. She travels to Malaysia to sell, but discovers that the new co-owner is a beach bum named Mo Mo Cha (Richie Ren). Mor Mor Cha refuses to sell, so Summer decides to stay and persuade him into selling the beach. 
Get what i mean? Redang is the beach they took place in and this More More Tea Inn is the resort, now it was a gift shop. IMO, this movie have a charming actors and wonderfull setting of place, but the storyline aint great. But still, you can find some entertainment from it.

Fyi, the second Summer Holiday is planned to be next year in premiering. Hope that it be greater.

My hair is saying hi.

peeping at the squirrel.

-In action-

Btw, i catch this photo of my mom silently. Love it!  hihi ;)

going nuts. 

C ya at day 4.


Sunday, September 19

Saturday, September 18

End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (day 2)

Location: Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Taking boat from Jetty at K.Terengganu to Redang took about 50 minutes.


Welcome to Pulau Redang! 
They do have a good hospitality and facilities. Firstly, they'll give some briefing about the island and what to do's & dont do's. After that, a welcome drink, with the sour& soda taste, served for each person and OMG it's really refreshed my mind again after the almost-one-hour trip on boat.

Not only that, when you see the view of the beach, a big & dumbfounded WOW will come faster than a 'suddenly'. The smooth white sand, the crystal clear water, the blue sky, the coral, all of those things which make you said like what people there have said, HEAVEN.

Lurve this corner soo soo sooooo much, esp the big stone.

Playing Volleyball with the whole family, just pretend that i have lots of family member. haha
Long time since the last time ive played volley, 4 years maybe, and now im loosing my power and technic of smash a little. The result is, my hands was black-and-blue in condition after playing 2 round. Not really that bad as in my first time learning to play. But, we really catch the fun! 

-Continued to Day 3-

Hate To Say Goodbye

Bad weekend for me. I supposed to be with some of my first-year-of-senior-high friends now having a little farewell party, but im writing this for true. Huh, I really have missed many farewell. Yes, actually i do really hate goodbye, but the absence in the party is not my fault too. Blame the officer that handle the driving license problem which take too long to finish my license. Moreover, my mom got fever last night and havent recover yet, hope that she will get well soon, so that no one will drive me there.

Kent is going to Singapore tomorrow, his university is going to start soon. And me, im going this 28, so that this is the last togertherness, that i miss, with them. He promised to treat us today and we are going to have karaoke session too. I think i would regret not feeling so much fun they have today. :(

Miss the cake they bought for me, they really know i love christmas that much.

Me & Kent

missing you all guys.

Look! Ive never seen such handsome yet naughty monkey repairing the AC at the back for almost 3 years. :D
Yap, me, Vi

i call him ' Tengkorak Berjalan' as he was sooo thin n tall. Forgive me, Andy! :)

miss this little Ms. Cerewet in the middle. Fyi, she was running & screaming "WAIT" at the same time before suddenly took place between us squatting.

one thing i do miss badly is my long hair.. 
i still have the caricature (or what should be called) of me & Yap.

by: Victor Chandra ( the best designer ever in my 2nd year class)
Thank you, Vic!

Last but not least, have a safe flight Kent!


End-of-Summer Trip's Journal (Day 1)

Location: Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

This is the pathway to heaven, they said. LOL
Yep! This is just a transit place to P. Redang (read: Heaven).
Most of the citizens are Moslem (idk exactly how to spell it, forgive me), and so, the whole city is like uninhabited in that Hari Raya AidilFitri, morning until noon. It's quite a good place, fresh air supply for breathing and less transportation, far from those 'crowded' and 'busy' and 'polluted' words. However, it's hard to find taxi there, LOL. 

Walking down the street because the lack of taxi there, healthy though in consideration.

Front park of The biggest or The Central Mosque in the city.

Bridge-side walking area, there are bazaar which sale things-in low prices-along the road every weekend.
Acting cute, but Hey!, i didnt even notice my bro was behind,  ruined up my pose. -.-

Supposedly, we all have to make a rock posed at three, but seems that dad was the only one who broke.

After dinner. See the light? I cant keep it secret that the bridge was extremely awesome at night.

The moon & the star accompanied me that night. :)

-To be continued-

Friday, September 10

I've just finished packing for travelling tomorrow. So tired this pass day, helping at my dad's shop. Facing those annoying-fussy-complicated customers made more wrinkles came out on my face, and big-black-rounded shadow around my eyes caused by lack of sleep. Stand up the whole day, just sit while lunch i guess, make my calf bigger and worse now. Pity me! :(

Fine! That's just a link to get something we want, isnt it? Everything needs hardwork.
The repayment is extremely paid off by travelling to Redang Island with family. Extra YAYYness!!! :))
And I would be MIA again for quite some time.

See? Even my hair complaint me to have some treatment. ;)
DIY bracelet with pink ribbon.

Taking some photos with this phone, my cousin's. 

coloured my nails yesterday, but i think i'm gonna change it soon.

Happy Holiday All!


Sunday, September 5

Saw some photos about fashion week in Australia, if i'm not mistaken. One unforgetable thing from those is the comment. Guess what! Some one wrote: 
"Fashion is a waste of money & resources"

I just cant stand to repel that comment. What about U?

Saturday, September 4


Here comes a NERD.

SHY?? OMG girl, that expression's out of date!

Then,,,the revolution.

la fin~

Remember the project I mentioned before? Yes, this is it! A denim bag.
Actually, it was mom's old-denim-pants, found it in the old closet. 
Simple, huh? This was not the design set in my mind, there should be some stud and gems, but I cant find them in most existing store here. :(
Find it anywhere soon..