Thursday, July 29


Let me introduce my lil friends. They're soooo cute!

This is Monny.
Mom bought it for me from Teddy House. It's my 1st Teddy Bear. Changes her dress to japanese kimono, cute dress. :)

I call this gentle and cute bear Sonny.
Named it from my younger brother's name, Huison, bcoz it's my brother collection.

And this little bear is a gift from my friend, just say it bestfriend -Kent, in my 17th bday. 
Dont know why he can get this thought, but love it to the max! :)))

Wanna get some teddy bear & it's outfit? Give U this corner to stop by, not promoting(hahah).


Suddenly thinking of man.
Many people agree with the statement that there's always a woman behind a succesful man.
But, imo, as what ive looked, there are more than 'a' woman. Guys, like them, always hang-out with girls without shamed feeling.
Wondering if any of those succesful man will be wiser and more gentle.

Saturday, July 24

Scrapbooking - covers

Make a scrapbook of friend's testimonials lately, and i just love to do this!

some supplies.

A little zoom in for U. ^^

.some glitters
.stabillo colors drawing pen
.mummy's revenge pen
.lots of ribbons

.butterfly cricut
.japanese-pattern origami
.lots of fancy papers with pattern

.some fabrics
.pattern-papers (bought it at Malaysia)



Thinking about what colours should fit the covers,, aaand.....
BLUE is what i think about. Is it good? Yep, i think too. I'm searching for the metallic binder ring, really dissapointed with this city coz i couldnt find any of it. :(
Looking for it somewhere in the net. 
 Just wait for the next part.

Holidays=Learning New Skills

Filling my holidays with:

Sunday, July 18

Save The Last For Cindy.

Well, feel sad today. The first reason is that another of my besties, Cindy, is going to Kuala Lumpur to start her university life tomorrow,after Ria, and we have our last lunch, chit-chat n togetherness today, dramatically written. Actually, we can still meet each other when we go back to Medan, but still, it's difficult to get together since we get busier by time and the atmosfer is different already. Gonna miss her a lot.


this is taken when we have our holiday trip, last May, at Genting, and that's Ria-with the blue-strip shirt.

The second reason is really make me sad. Dad fell just now when fishing, his lovely hobby to do every sunday, and broke his foot's nail. It's bleeding so much. :((
Hope that he'll recover soon.


Wednesday, July 14

Love the design


Gardening Time .

This garden used to be my favourite corner. It has been a while since the last time i've visited it. The condition is really neglected. =(
So, I spend some time there this afternoon to get it tidy.

left-upside: aloe vera ; right: i dont know actually what flower it is, but it is very popular in my country.

waiting for the new born strawberries

This is grass-jelly plants. I'm collecting some of the leaves to make grass-jelly drink, but a really surprising thing attract my attention. See what i've found.

a bird's nest and its eggs. 

I dont really know when it was there, maybe 2 or 3 days ago. But it looks so cute, right? Wondering when the babies born. I've asked my dad to build a little corner for them, and we are planning the design now. :)


Well, it's my first time practising this, so it looks poor. It's Chinese steamed bun, filled with 2 flavor : red bean &chocolate paste.


Tada!!! Wondering why the shape different?? Actually this is the original mantou, with no filling.
Enjoy eating then!

Monday, July 12


The clovers represent me to say "hello".
Had a brief weekend to spend with family, but it's FUN! Went to Mikie Funland with 42000 rupiahs and we get 'All You Can Play' ticket.

Playing Koomba Dance and shouting our best "eeeeee".

 Queueing for Space Car
 From left to right : Richard, Aldrick, Huison, Jesselyn, me ; Bottom : Priscillia

Fifa World Cup 2010-South Africa
Finally, Spain is the winner. I have made a one-week-late-nite wish for Spain's luck. =)

Welcome-to-my-blog beverages for U from Pizza Hut.

Sunday, July 11

Up In The Mountain

Having a weekend trip with the whole fam now, at Brastagi, one of the favourited tourism places at Medan..
Played UNO with siblings just now. And gonna go to bed now, kinda sleepy and tired.
Post again at Monday.


Saturday, July 10

Fashion WishList ♥

1. Bag : Miu Miu

2. Boot : Valentino Suede Bow Boot

3. Ring : Vivienne Westwood-Cemetary Ring

4. Necklace : Sabrina Dehoff

5. Sunglasses : Ray-Ban Comic Print "Wayfarer" Sunglasses

6. Jacket : Speculum Assymetrical Leather Jacket

Friday, July 9

Hot & Spicy

I wanna share a corner..
It used to be a small shop with stall, during its first-year running, with very little customer, but the condition has changed now. It's not a small shop but a restaurant, and if you pass by, you'll see crowd of customer queeing there.   

This is the name of the restaurant. 'Mie Aceh' is stand for 'Mie' which means noodle and 'Aceh' which refers to a province's name, located at Sumatera Island-Indonesia. This noodle is the typical food from Aceh.
Titi Bobrok is actually the name of bridge beside this restaurant. Fyi, this restaurant, luckilly, has opened a barnch in Jakarta.

See,, it has a very large area, and it's still full with people at weekday..

This is 'Mie Aceh Basah', and it looks very delicious and hot and spicy. Still, I've finish eating in 5 minutes.
Dont look at the appearance, but the taste.

Look, this is the noodle stock when im going to eat mine.

And this is it when i've finished, just about 5 minutes. And they gonna restock the noodle again.

One surprising thing i've forgotten to capture is the 8-huge-frying pan they use, which is arranged in line.
Great,, huh?

Thursday, July 8

Unusual Morning

One reason i have my breakfast early this morning :
i have an english tuition at 12.

so,, enjoy ur breakfast..

Wednesday, July 7

Brief Intro

Hola, people! 

Finally, i've made a blog again, the old one have lost..
I made it 2 years ago, fyi, but i didnt know how to use it, so that i left it behind..
Now, i'm trying my luck again for blogging..

I'm interested a lot in fashion,,
but still, i dont take my style too seriously..
it depends on my mood and circumstances...

Two things that this blog shows is my personality and my lil corner...

Last but not least,,

Special big Hershey's Chocolate for u, with love.