Tuesday, August 31

Love reading love's.

Love-story always sounds good to me.
The moment I read the description of feelings and emotions, I would, like, pulled into it and act as the main role there. Not every story has a good ending,suspended or maybe there are sometimes no ending at all.
Long-Distance-Relationship is badly difficult to be maintained, but some couples did it perfectly great! Some like Winny Adriany's or my lovely & talkative friend, Yinnary.
I guess, LOVE is like FOOD, mixing all ingredients available in this world and make it with the best way every couple ever had.

Orange Squash

19th century.

Found this orange hat from my old closet. It was extremely cute! Fyi, i hate this hat very much when my mom bought it for me, about 2 or 3 years ago. She keeps telling me that i'm a stupid one, i admit it now, to say that it was ugly.

P.S-Doing a secret project lately, and i'm going to tell U about it when it's finished.

Sunday, August 29

Fashion by Lady Gaga

I am, I'm too fabulous
I'm so fierce that it's so nuts
I live, to be model thin
Dress me, I'm your manne-quinn

J'adore Vivienne, La Vie et Moi
Gucci, Fendi, et Prada.
Valentino, Armani too.
Merde I love them Jimmy Choo

Fashion put it all on me
Dont you want to see this clothes on me
Fashion put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

Oohh Oohh
La La La
We love designer

I need some new stilettos
Cant walk down the street in those
You are who you wear it's true
A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose

J'adore Weitzan, La Vie et Moi
Louis, Dolce Gabbana, Alexander McQueen eh oh!
Merde i love those Manolo

Fashion, put it all on me
Really want to see this clothes on me
Fashion, put it all on me
I am anyone you want me to be

Wednesday, August 25

What To Do?

Who's calling?

Ohmygawd, it's credit-card's bill collector. What to do?

Sunday, August 22

Julia Quinn

Being addicted to read novels lately.  :)
Remember about post stated that i've bought some novels with you-cant-stand-by-just-looking-at-it price?

One you have to know is, cheap doesnt mean bad. Dont ever judge things from its value or cover, sometimes they're worth thousands of those appreciated one.

Some I bought at those sales.

Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Family collection. Love this historical-romance novels; amazing plot and great dynamics of feelings created. I was, first, introducted by my friend, Jocelyn.

first book



Four left to be read. Saving money to buy and collect the other. :)

Tuesday, August 17

Today is...Independence Day.

Red & white nail color for Indonesia.


Happy Independence Day!

Out with family to have lunch at Bumbu Desa Restaurant, great corner & great taste. Fyi, it's my first time to eat there, since it was opened lately. 
Going to see The Expendables movie then with mom. The movie is..mmm...okay, but i think my first choice, to watch The Last Airbender, is truly best. Dont know why i change my mind suddenly.

One more great news! I bought some comics, novels & recipes books with a very very cheap price just now, at Lotte Mart. There was books sale, especially some older book, for one week. 



Monday, August 16

Special Giveaway From Tamar

Tamar Bostock from Tarisota gives special giveaway this week. It's really a lovely giveaway. Try to check out her blog.

This is a little peek of the giveaway.

-recipes book-

-Paper Treasures collection-
-entry to Tarisota Styling for Home Class-


Saturday, August 14

Thinking of Sunday, yayy!!

I perfectly love my lives. Happy, sad, fun, mad, i've feel all of those people ever felt, but one, love. Everytime i think about weekend, such thought about couples come out suddenly. They'll fill most of their weekend time together, and me? I think it's my fault too, to be that choosey.
But fine, i think it'll still be gorgeous without man beside.
I can still hang-out with some 'boy'-friends. I can still eat lots of food without considering my weight. I'm free of those jealousy-thinking.

Think positive is the best way, i think.

Now, im thinking of what i gonna do tomorrow. Im planning to go watch movie, but my mom ask me to join her & her friends to have lunch at Belawan. Eat seafood there at the beach area, i guess. What to choose?
Too late now, to think,and im so sleepy yet tired. Choose it tomorrow then.


I {heart} Peach !

Hi there!.
Weekend is always sounds nice for all of U, esp the couples.
Wondering when im not single anymore. ;)

I'm infatuated with this kind of color recently. Actually, it's grouped as tea-rose color. But I'd rather say it as Peach.

See that bracelet? It's my DIY project, a friendship bracelet with button.

   Happy Weekend everybody!


Wednesday, August 11

Rainie Love

It's raining now and it reminds me of Rainie Yang's song - 雨爱.

就像是 你多變的表情
下雨了 雨陪我哭泣
看不清 我也不想看清

#離開你 我安靜的抽離

*聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清昕
你的呼吸 像雨滴滲入我的愛裡

讓想念繼續 讓愛變透明
我愛上給我勇氣的 Rainie Love

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積
屋內的濕氣 像儲存愛你的記憶

雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗*

很仔細 我無法呼吸
一萬顆 雨滴的距離
很徹底 讓愛消失無息


屋內的濕氣 像儲存愛你的記憶

雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗

Friday, August 6

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Pratique du piano toute la journée

Can you see a long journey through this?
Absolutely, yes!
For me, every single keys represent a piece of story of lives.
Not every pianists can make a perfect journey, they have to work hard for it.
And, i believe in it, too.


Wednesday, August 4

Just For Fun

Credits : Christya & Jennifer
Captured by : Jennifer & Jocelyn
Weardrobe : Denim jacket from mom's collection; tank - forever21; necklace - DIY; skirt-Juicy; socks-random; oxford shoes(CheckThisOut!)-fb: Thechicks' Dollhouse(ol shop)

Monday, August 2

Exam is coming.

Im so busy lately. Exams filled almost half of my to-do list. 
Last month, I've tried hard for IELTS, that was one of the condition to apply to university i choose. I searched for many preparation books and adding tuition to list. Yes, it was finish and i can pass with my score. 
But another exam are about to be infront of me. 8 more days left and i'll face my Gr.8 ABRSM piano exam. Two from three pieces aren't good yet and my aural is still bad. Practising makes me crazy, because, imo, it turns out worse than before. Not practising will result the same. 
So, what should i really do this time? 
Just hoping to have a better luck on the exam.


Sunday, August 1

Bye-bye July, Welcome August ♥

I'm  waking up early this morning to post. Love this month and hope that it'll bring lucks to me, as many chinese people said that 8 is luck. Believe it or not?

me & my lovely dog,jeje

Looks lil fat here. Putting on weight this holiday. :(

See! My hair looks longer here. And the one behind is my mom's friend.

After this, I've to take a bath because i'll go to watch SALT then, with my friend. 
Hope U guys can feel the luck of August too.