Saturday, August 14

Thinking of Sunday, yayy!!

I perfectly love my lives. Happy, sad, fun, mad, i've feel all of those people ever felt, but one, love. Everytime i think about weekend, such thought about couples come out suddenly. They'll fill most of their weekend time together, and me? I think it's my fault too, to be that choosey.
But fine, i think it'll still be gorgeous without man beside.
I can still hang-out with some 'boy'-friends. I can still eat lots of food without considering my weight. I'm free of those jealousy-thinking.

Think positive is the best way, i think.

Now, im thinking of what i gonna do tomorrow. Im planning to go watch movie, but my mom ask me to join her & her friends to have lunch at Belawan. Eat seafood there at the beach area, i guess. What to choose?
Too late now, to think,and im so sleepy yet tired. Choose it tomorrow then.


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