Thursday, February 24

Let's bag it up!

Okayy,, im just ready to start tidy up all my leftover assignments & homework. Must work a bit, at least, instead of nothing.

This apricot really helps me to refresh my whole body. Love it! Thx for Anna, my dear uzbekh's friend, who brings it for me. :)

Wednesday, February 23

Back to Reality

No more holidays, uni life is waiting now. Many assignments have to be done. I keep forcing my mind to stop sleeping again. However, that's still harder than facing an interview or doing on an exam. It seems like hands, body, and mind dont wanna cooperate. Huhhh! *exhale heavily

Saturday, February 19

Big Mouth

Really hate those who own a terrible BIG mouth. Can't they just shut up after reading one's blog or listenning to something? They seem wholeheartdely satisfied after spreading everything out.

Dear BIG mouth,
Can you just keep quiet after reading?

BIG thanks.

Thursday, February 17

Almost over..

Holla chicks!
How's life there??

It's been so long since the last post made. Kinda enjoy my 3 weeks Spring holiday in Medan, fyi. Heaven seems like exist here, compared to singapore. I can gobble whatever delicious i see (careless of pounds added to my fat :)), i can continue doing my scrapbooking, i can run and chase around with jeje (my cutey-whitey-naughty-greedy dog), every single thing that unlikeky to be done there, of course traveling with own car was counted in.

Btw, I wannna greet everybody a Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine, though it was so late. I did really have a happy CNY here, visited lotsa family and friends (and of course cookies and red-pocket considered as a big part of my job that days). Valentine, in reverse, turned into a super-dooper-bad day. Mom forced me to accompany her to attend one of her best-friend's son's wedding party and i reluctantly cancelled the promised dinner with Cindy and Ria. No wonder mom force me so much, evidently i'll be introduced to i-didnt-know-who's or precisely i-forgot-who's child. Oh please mom! This is not 80's anymore. Okay, let's forget it.

Lately, im so interested with one Korean drama, Dream High. I think U must go check this out. :)

2pm- Taecyeon as Jinguk 

Miss-A - Suzy as Hyemi 

Teacher Shi
I adore her style damn much! 

Lastly, this two cute couple. their acting is really cute. ><

Holiday is almost over, back to reality soon. Gotta update again after back in singapore.