Tuesday, March 29


D: how r u?
C: almost dying..
D: try ur best n take care :)
C: ... (Not any single word written because of being amazed by D's care)

P.S- I'm trying my best now to continue study, thx D :)

Sunday, March 27

Let's Play Love

This is the first Xinmsn Webi-Drama and will be released on 4 April 2011 (it's means 1 week to go >.<).

Story Overview from facebook:

The story revolves around several young professionals whose paths are crossed through a reality TV contest.
As contestants of the show, they are expected to complete various tasks as they progress in the competition in search of true love. Will they be able to overcome all obstacles and survive in the competition?
Who will emerge as the winner and find true love?

James Seah 谢宏辉,Sora Ma马艺瑄

Jeffery Xu 徐鸣杰, Julie Tan 陈欣淇

Romeo Tan 陈罗密欧,Silver Ang 洪子惠

Huang Jing Lun 黃靖伦,Teresa Tseng 曾詠霖

Can't wait to watch it! Love to see Huang Jing Lun here. For more information, visit here.

Thursday, March 24


Free lollipop from madeincandy chef for a "great" guessing (he said :)). Just keep wondering why he gave me green instead of red. 
Singapore-zens who love candies,, give a visit to Madeincandy. Adorable gifts, tongue-melted rock candies, unique lollipops, anything related to rock candy.

 P.S- Try the Hazelnut rock flavor, as it becomes my favorite.

Saturday, March 12

A little little something for U..

P.S: Extremely cute notes from dearest deffia.. :)

Love, Stitch.

Happy Weekend everybody!! :)
Finally, bought this cute stitch online, though something really surprising happened. Actually it's 1 week since this fellow move to my place, but just post it now. Not gonna post it in fb cause imma death if my brother found it out. So,, keep it secret ;)

Just cancelled outing with old buddies this morning to Siloso beach. Feel like more to spend times in my room today. But still, i promised them to join the dinner tonight.

Wanna share some weekend plans i just think about while ago.
..done F&B project..
..nail treatment..
..dinner w/ old classmates..
..go temple to pray..
..tidy up room..

Weekend is still fun for singles. Put your hands up with me! :)

Tuesday, March 1


holla chicks,
how is your day?
I found some online store in Singapore lately. Finally can do online shopping again. Yayy!! 
Wanna find some fashion?? try to peek at this corner. I adore many of her connecting rings, lovable!

 This other corner is for you with a passion on camera. The instax and lomo is available here and they sell it at a  very low price.

And for u guys who love dolls (like me :) ), u cannot miss this website. They sell so many cute dolls. Visit their facebook too.

Happy shopping :)