Sunday, September 25

Started my internship on thursday. It is quite interesting actually, people are friendly. It's not like many of the other trainee story about the scary senior. In only three days, I have learned so much from there, not only the hotel thingy, but also the life thingy. 

Snapshoot after work :)

Thanks I still have this cute lil dog who refresh my day after work. 
Leg hurt so much because of heels. :(

Enjoy your life people.
Have a nice days!

Thursday, September 15

Stupid Me and Pizdec Him

 This gonna be the stupidest post ever, readers, but just bear with me for a post.

I'm blaming myself now for taking the wrong way, but i never wanna call it as a regret. This is way too lame, but yes, it is all about a guy. This guy just came by without any warning, without any designated sign, without everything, yet i let him to enter directly. I have been trying for the past two years to keep my heart buried deep inside the ground down across the sea only to find someone that will dig it and safe it for me. Now, I just let this guy rob it and left it somewhere.

It was really a big mistake just to believe in all bullshit he ever told and the first impression come across my mind that time. I realize that I must take into consideration that although my first impression mostly true, there still are 10% failed. 
Remember girls, control the emotions come only for a moment. It will lead you to a wrong way. 

I admit I'm still that crying baby who love to cry a lot, but take note that I'm not crying for that wrong person I thought I can hold on to and taken for granted. I'm crying to have just realized how stupid I am to believe in all of this. 

Thursday, 15 Sept 2011, 11pm.

One more hour to go for the decision to be made.
Let's see how it will be; continuation or end.

This is for all girls in the world.
Don't take action before you receive actions.

And, this one for you guys.
Keep it in mind.

Life's not so easy. 
Mighty Night.


Monday, September 5

Just Nothing

Hi readers!
How have all of u been?
I AM passing this whole tired month; done with interview, done with performing(It's Great! :) ), done with assignments, done with accompanying my family to have holiday here and, now, dealing with my last exam.

Fyi, i just moved again to a new place. It can be said that both is not really different, but at least this one is nearer to the places n people i often interact with. (and u know what?? They have these extra cute dogs here! Extra Yayyness!! ><)

They called her MiaoMiao :D
She's super cuteeee!!
N i can said that she is extremely look like me. I dont mean her face (yea, u know it!) but her personality(maybe animality?). She's so tame n so sweet, she will be super jealous when i pick up another two and not her. She loves my bed so damn much, everytime i bring her up it, she will fall  asleep in only 3 mins.

Btw, so many problems comes to my mind lately. Maybe most of it only because i create it myself, but it just really distract me. Same goes to another two besties. One is deeply in love and another is... i just dont know how to say, but she is exactly have problems in love. Talking about love(Read: realtionship) i think back to the last time i ever talk, write, feel, and deal with it. It was just way too long.

I try to believe that it's all bullSHIT and it's not what i must look for. But this time I've choose this way to carry on, and i dont want any "regret" come to my mind. I try to bend that words to come closer to me, as I never want to accept that i took or choose the wrong way.

Anyway, Life is short, so do whatever you want to before you "regret" it!

Have a wonderful day!