Monday, September 5

Just Nothing

Hi readers!
How have all of u been?
I AM passing this whole tired month; done with interview, done with performing(It's Great! :) ), done with assignments, done with accompanying my family to have holiday here and, now, dealing with my last exam.

Fyi, i just moved again to a new place. It can be said that both is not really different, but at least this one is nearer to the places n people i often interact with. (and u know what?? They have these extra cute dogs here! Extra Yayyness!! ><)

They called her MiaoMiao :D
She's super cuteeee!!
N i can said that she is extremely look like me. I dont mean her face (yea, u know it!) but her personality(maybe animality?). She's so tame n so sweet, she will be super jealous when i pick up another two and not her. She loves my bed so damn much, everytime i bring her up it, she will fall  asleep in only 3 mins.

Btw, so many problems comes to my mind lately. Maybe most of it only because i create it myself, but it just really distract me. Same goes to another two besties. One is deeply in love and another is... i just dont know how to say, but she is exactly have problems in love. Talking about love(Read: realtionship) i think back to the last time i ever talk, write, feel, and deal with it. It was just way too long.

I try to believe that it's all bullSHIT and it's not what i must look for. But this time I've choose this way to carry on, and i dont want any "regret" come to my mind. I try to bend that words to come closer to me, as I never want to accept that i took or choose the wrong way.

Anyway, Life is short, so do whatever you want to before you "regret" it!

Have a wonderful day!


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