Sunday, August 19

5.. 6.. 7.. 8!!

In life,
Things always come and go.
The same goes to people,
those who you met accidentally,
or those who you find purposely.
Those who you met everyday,
or those who made up your day.
Maybe for the moment you are with them,
but who knows that tomorrow
they are not there anymore,
either for good
or for bad.

May - farewell with my dearest colleague from taiwan

June - this lovely girl is leaving for Australia

August - three besties graduated from university
(which means goodbye) :'(

One of the very-best friends are leaving to Beijing 
Gonna miss miss miss her very-extra-super much!

Cherish the moment you have now,
until it becomes only memories.

Was asked for acting in one of my friends video project for nurse day last month.
 It was such a pleasure experience to spend 3 hours just to shoot for 20 seconds scene.
 I can't imagine how long did the shooting for movies will take. 
Anw, it was fun!
 And I've made new friends, although it can be said that we are not really connect to each other :p

Spent my whole sunday afternoon reading my new book.
Nothing better than having a cup of coffee with a good book for a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

Kisses & Hugs,

Chris <3>

Friday, June 1


let me ask you one question!

Do you know the feeling when your best friends are dating each other?

I got this question just yesterday. Nope, it was 2 days ago.

It is how you feel when you ex is dating with your best friend ( Read: In a Relationship).
At that time my answer is that I will congrats 'n bless them. In the case that me 'n my ex broke up in a good way.

And... Guess what?!
I found out a quite similar case just this morning.
My very best buddy (remember the post in December about a pic that he send me for my b'day?) is now dating my best friend from our senior-high school!!!
It is not as simple as what you all think of.

"He" who I believe ever had a feeling to me and "She" who always become my (and his) diary when there's something going on.
I admit that i ever had a feeling for him long time ago, but then I realized that its not "that" kind of feeling. From there on I treat him as a very good buddy of mine. Until now, we are still the same.
I never knew that they have started to have feeling towards each other 1 year ago (or maybe two?).
I just realized it today. TODAY!! 
That they have been dating for almost 2 months!
Its just being awkward, how they go for each other.

For God sake, I'm glad for them head over heels!

This post is for them, wishing a long-lasting relationship.

Sometimes you really needs to look out of the box. There are so many things that happened for forever but you never realized.

Spend your day with smile, chicks!

Thursday, May 31

The Strongest Lady in The World

Watched one drama and it reminds me of my mom. 
She, who care for me most
She, who understand me most
She, who is always there when I need just a hug
She, who knows when I'm having problems
She, who support me through every challenge I faced
She, who teach me how to be a lady
She, who is my best friend
She, who is my everything
She, who is never feel tired of being who she is..

Little Girls' Dream

It's every 'lil girls' dream to put on their mom's dress, trying each & every heels, put on mascara and lipstick, and pose in front of the mirror. Asking "mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?", faking the witch from snow white they love to listen to for bedtime. Thinking of.... " I'm gonna look like this when I grow up later!" 

Is anyone out there have never done this before??
Maybe you should try how fun it is! 


Tuesday, January 24

My Little Dream

One of my dreams:

Design my own bedroom.

Having a small sofa for besties when they come over

That small little chair for my bag

nice and simple candellier

lotsa cushion n decoration from my own design

and a special corner for all my accessories

I promise myself that it would not be only a dream.
One day I must have it becomes true.

Friday, January 6

Happy new year 2012!!!
It might be late, but still wish you all had a merry christmas n happy new year :)

Finally i can get another post after such a long time, working life is @#*!?!@&£!
I can't describe it cause it just like the feeling of riding a roller coaster, u have the fun, scare, happy, excited, tired,etc. it was just all mixed up!
Tons of things to share that, frankly speaking, all of u will get bored reading soon.
Sooo, will just share some pics and let it tells the story of the past few months. Enjoy! :)

-sweet surprise from my very best buddy-

That's all for now, see you in the next post! ;)

Sunday, September 25

Started my internship on thursday. It is quite interesting actually, people are friendly. It's not like many of the other trainee story about the scary senior. In only three days, I have learned so much from there, not only the hotel thingy, but also the life thingy. 

Snapshoot after work :)

Thanks I still have this cute lil dog who refresh my day after work. 
Leg hurt so much because of heels. :(

Enjoy your life people.
Have a nice days!