Friday, June 1


let me ask you one question!

Do you know the feeling when your best friends are dating each other?

I got this question just yesterday. Nope, it was 2 days ago.

It is how you feel when you ex is dating with your best friend ( Read: In a Relationship).
At that time my answer is that I will congrats 'n bless them. In the case that me 'n my ex broke up in a good way.

And... Guess what?!
I found out a quite similar case just this morning.
My very best buddy (remember the post in December about a pic that he send me for my b'day?) is now dating my best friend from our senior-high school!!!
It is not as simple as what you all think of.

"He" who I believe ever had a feeling to me and "She" who always become my (and his) diary when there's something going on.
I admit that i ever had a feeling for him long time ago, but then I realized that its not "that" kind of feeling. From there on I treat him as a very good buddy of mine. Until now, we are still the same.
I never knew that they have started to have feeling towards each other 1 year ago (or maybe two?).
I just realized it today. TODAY!! 
That they have been dating for almost 2 months!
Its just being awkward, how they go for each other.

For God sake, I'm glad for them head over heels!

This post is for them, wishing a long-lasting relationship.

Sometimes you really needs to look out of the box. There are so many things that happened for forever but you never realized.

Spend your day with smile, chicks!


  1. Chrissss!!! Miss ya~~ :(
    Udah berabad ni gak ketemu..

    1. Imu too merrr!! Ayoo hang out!! ><