Sunday, August 19

5.. 6.. 7.. 8!!

In life,
Things always come and go.
The same goes to people,
those who you met accidentally,
or those who you find purposely.
Those who you met everyday,
or those who made up your day.
Maybe for the moment you are with them,
but who knows that tomorrow
they are not there anymore,
either for good
or for bad.

May - farewell with my dearest colleague from taiwan

June - this lovely girl is leaving for Australia

August - three besties graduated from university
(which means goodbye) :'(

One of the very-best friends are leaving to Beijing 
Gonna miss miss miss her very-extra-super much!

Cherish the moment you have now,
until it becomes only memories.

Was asked for acting in one of my friends video project for nurse day last month.
 It was such a pleasure experience to spend 3 hours just to shoot for 20 seconds scene.
 I can't imagine how long did the shooting for movies will take. 
Anw, it was fun!
 And I've made new friends, although it can be said that we are not really connect to each other :p

Spent my whole sunday afternoon reading my new book.
Nothing better than having a cup of coffee with a good book for a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

Kisses & Hugs,

Chris <3>

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