Thursday, February 17

Almost over..

Holla chicks!
How's life there??

It's been so long since the last post made. Kinda enjoy my 3 weeks Spring holiday in Medan, fyi. Heaven seems like exist here, compared to singapore. I can gobble whatever delicious i see (careless of pounds added to my fat :)), i can continue doing my scrapbooking, i can run and chase around with jeje (my cutey-whitey-naughty-greedy dog), every single thing that unlikeky to be done there, of course traveling with own car was counted in.

Btw, I wannna greet everybody a Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine, though it was so late. I did really have a happy CNY here, visited lotsa family and friends (and of course cookies and red-pocket considered as a big part of my job that days). Valentine, in reverse, turned into a super-dooper-bad day. Mom forced me to accompany her to attend one of her best-friend's son's wedding party and i reluctantly cancelled the promised dinner with Cindy and Ria. No wonder mom force me so much, evidently i'll be introduced to i-didnt-know-who's or precisely i-forgot-who's child. Oh please mom! This is not 80's anymore. Okay, let's forget it.

Lately, im so interested with one Korean drama, Dream High. I think U must go check this out. :)

2pm- Taecyeon as Jinguk 

Miss-A - Suzy as Hyemi 

Teacher Shi
I adore her style damn much! 

Lastly, this two cute couple. their acting is really cute. ><

Holiday is almost over, back to reality soon. Gotta update again after back in singapore. 


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