Monday, August 2

Exam is coming.

Im so busy lately. Exams filled almost half of my to-do list. 
Last month, I've tried hard for IELTS, that was one of the condition to apply to university i choose. I searched for many preparation books and adding tuition to list. Yes, it was finish and i can pass with my score. 
But another exam are about to be infront of me. 8 more days left and i'll face my Gr.8 ABRSM piano exam. Two from three pieces aren't good yet and my aural is still bad. Practising makes me crazy, because, imo, it turns out worse than before. Not practising will result the same. 
So, what should i really do this time? 
Just hoping to have a better luck on the exam.



  1. GOOD LUCK !!!
    ciayoo...u r good in music...
    U CAN DO IT!!!
    How is your IELTS result?

  2. haha...sometimes a messy room is really comfortable :D

    goodluck for ur exams :D

  3. I have the same score with u,, merr. :)

    @joninel: it's true! :)) thx,btw.