Sunday, July 18

Save The Last For Cindy.

Well, feel sad today. The first reason is that another of my besties, Cindy, is going to Kuala Lumpur to start her university life tomorrow,after Ria, and we have our last lunch, chit-chat n togetherness today, dramatically written. Actually, we can still meet each other when we go back to Medan, but still, it's difficult to get together since we get busier by time and the atmosfer is different already. Gonna miss her a lot.


this is taken when we have our holiday trip, last May, at Genting, and that's Ria-with the blue-strip shirt.

The second reason is really make me sad. Dad fell just now when fishing, his lovely hobby to do every sunday, and broke his foot's nail. It's bleeding so much. :((
Hope that he'll recover soon.


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