Friday, July 9

Hot & Spicy

I wanna share a corner..
It used to be a small shop with stall, during its first-year running, with very little customer, but the condition has changed now. It's not a small shop but a restaurant, and if you pass by, you'll see crowd of customer queeing there.   

This is the name of the restaurant. 'Mie Aceh' is stand for 'Mie' which means noodle and 'Aceh' which refers to a province's name, located at Sumatera Island-Indonesia. This noodle is the typical food from Aceh.
Titi Bobrok is actually the name of bridge beside this restaurant. Fyi, this restaurant, luckilly, has opened a barnch in Jakarta.

See,, it has a very large area, and it's still full with people at weekday..

This is 'Mie Aceh Basah', and it looks very delicious and hot and spicy. Still, I've finish eating in 5 minutes.
Dont look at the appearance, but the taste.

Look, this is the noodle stock when im going to eat mine.

And this is it when i've finished, just about 5 minutes. And they gonna restock the noodle again.

One surprising thing i've forgotten to capture is the 8-huge-frying pan they use, which is arranged in line.
Great,, huh?

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