Saturday, September 25

Closer & closer..

2 days left for my staying in Medan. What I feel now is a mix of extremely happy, badly sad and a little tired. Happy cause im gonna start my uni life soon, meeting new friends, and be autonomous. The curiosity about what my life gonna be there always make me impatient to undergo it. Thinking of the university make me questioned many things; How's the lecturers look like? What kind of persons they are? Are those people in the same boat friendly? What kind of social life they are in?...

Yesterday, when i lay on my bed, i suddenly realize that im gonna miss this bed, with 20 something dolls sitting there, accompanied me every night when i sleep. Miss every single thing in my messy room. Miss this lovely house where i cant act out freely-screaming, singing, dancing, idle-ing- everything on my purpose. Miss my beloved mom, her cooking, her shouting, her everything. Miss my tough-brave-cool father, his mad face while facing such fussy customers. Miss my little lovely-cutey-coward-crazy dog, jeje. Miss his strange way of sleep, his barking, his perfect rounded eyes, his shabbyness after rolled up pit below sofa. Last but not least, miss the mosquitos which keep kissing me and dating me without any permission. LOL

Many things left to finished before departing, but it seems that i cant have it all done on time. So tired lately. *sigh

P.S- saw this two cats at the roof of storehouse. So sweet, right?? >.<

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