Saturday, September 18

Hate To Say Goodbye

Bad weekend for me. I supposed to be with some of my first-year-of-senior-high friends now having a little farewell party, but im writing this for true. Huh, I really have missed many farewell. Yes, actually i do really hate goodbye, but the absence in the party is not my fault too. Blame the officer that handle the driving license problem which take too long to finish my license. Moreover, my mom got fever last night and havent recover yet, hope that she will get well soon, so that no one will drive me there.

Kent is going to Singapore tomorrow, his university is going to start soon. And me, im going this 28, so that this is the last togertherness, that i miss, with them. He promised to treat us today and we are going to have karaoke session too. I think i would regret not feeling so much fun they have today. :(

Miss the cake they bought for me, they really know i love christmas that much.

Me & Kent

missing you all guys.

Look! Ive never seen such handsome yet naughty monkey repairing the AC at the back for almost 3 years. :D
Yap, me, Vi

i call him ' Tengkorak Berjalan' as he was sooo thin n tall. Forgive me, Andy! :)

miss this little Ms. Cerewet in the middle. Fyi, she was running & screaming "WAIT" at the same time before suddenly took place between us squatting.

one thing i do miss badly is my long hair.. 
i still have the caricature (or what should be called) of me & Yap.

by: Victor Chandra ( the best designer ever in my 2nd year class)
Thank you, Vic!

Last but not least, have a safe flight Kent!


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