Friday, September 10

I've just finished packing for travelling tomorrow. So tired this pass day, helping at my dad's shop. Facing those annoying-fussy-complicated customers made more wrinkles came out on my face, and big-black-rounded shadow around my eyes caused by lack of sleep. Stand up the whole day, just sit while lunch i guess, make my calf bigger and worse now. Pity me! :(

Fine! That's just a link to get something we want, isnt it? Everything needs hardwork.
The repayment is extremely paid off by travelling to Redang Island with family. Extra YAYYness!!! :))
And I would be MIA again for quite some time.

See? Even my hair complaint me to have some treatment. ;)
DIY bracelet with pink ribbon.

Taking some photos with this phone, my cousin's. 

coloured my nails yesterday, but i think i'm gonna change it soon.

Happy Holiday All!


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