Thursday, September 23

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Hi there!

It has been raining almost everyday this month and it set up my head over heels laziness. Going to school with Merline two days ago to have our high school certificate collected. 1 hour later, we were walking at thamrin plaza aimlessly. But then, we head to QQ, one of my favorite corner, to have two Japanese green tea ( it turns out that we both love it! >.< Yayy! ) and have a long talk about her uni life at singapore and some ghost story, and of course gossip! Hihi  :p We miss Yinnary, she is having her addition lesson.

Am really impatient about my leaving. I wish that I could meet Doraemon and asking for the time machine. Passing a boring day filled with quarelling with silly-brash-stubborn brother, i just cant describe how much i dislike him. Fiuh..

Anyway, i saw rainbow this morning after the heavy rain, it looks blur and beautiful. :) Actually, there must be the photo, i've taken, here, but i just cant find my connecting cable right away, where on earth is that cable?

Gonna have x-ray and HIV test tomorrow, early in the morning. Wish me luck to wake up early then.


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