Friday, October 1

Hi, people!

How's your days?
I passed it here, in Singapore, nearly smooth. So many thing to be done here this several days; go to university for the administration, go to immigration centre to take the student pass, buy many houseware to filled my room here. Every day was a busy day. Yeah, that's how people live here, busy and all-to-be-fast.

My wishlist this month is to hope for enjoyably living here.  Hope you all too have a nice one. :)

Nowhere to go tomorrow, shopping again i guess, and my mom's going to go back in the evening. Will miss her a lot.

One thing i really disappointed with is that my father wont let me use iphone. :(  I have wish for that too long. Guess what, i was told to use blackberry, dad got it as a prize. Tell me how to use thing i dont like at all? But, no words to describe that refuse. Well, i'll just use it then, better than my phone now. I really need one with wifi. Hopping for Merline to come here AFAP, she's bringing my phone.


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