Saturday, October 9

Bbq & Choir

Okay, let me tell you what ive done today.

No special things to be shared actually, went to my cousin's house to have my laptop fixed. Fyi, my cousin is a doing-very-well one, he like all about the IT stuffs and i can call him a genius exactly. He can memorize everything fast and get what teachers saying about without revising any of them. You know, sometimes i feel really jealous for being the reverse (read : stupid). One he does lack of is that he is not that good-looking people, like the genius usually act in drama serial. But still, that envious feeling is really appear on me. Maybe im too greedy, i thought.

There are no perfect men in this world, only perfect intentions.  -Pen Densham, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Trying to love this quote from now on. I have to be proud of what i am right now. :)

The best part of today is, actually, isnt about that. I join the bbq party with easb choir members and, i can tell you, it's really fun! Actually, i have forgot what to be called fun lately, since i graduate from high school. I do miss moments in school; the crazy class ever, the gossiping session, the togetherness, the hardworking-part we're going through, and all of the icons.
Talking about the choir members, i love them. They are all friendly. Fortunately, i changed my mind from the absence I've planned yesterday, for not coming to the choir rehearsal. I think if i do that, I'm really really really stupid! Find many Indonesian there.

Last but not least, I'm doing my homework and idk what to write first, and it was too confusing, so that i write this post for refreshing. First hw, anyway, from the marketting lesson. I guess, tomorrow will be the perfect time to have it done, too tired now. Gotta go to sleep then.


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