Wednesday, November 10

Grinny Green!

Holla people!!

How's your day? :)
Kinda tell my morning. Run out of clothes to wear because havent wash them yet. I'm not doing it on purpose, swear. Blame my house-mate, idk exactly which one of them, for not picking up their dried clothes so that I got no space for hanging mine if i wash. Poor me.
Okay, let's continue as I'm rambling too much.
Then, this morning when I want to pick my look, guess what i found in my closet? Nothing, except a black-white-stripes T and a green long pants. Is it suited one another? Imo, it was a yes. But people start to stare at me when I walked down the street, wait for bus, and even at school.
I can tell that it's really tired to reck by all those peoples. Every single thing you do will be catched, not free. In reverse, it was fun to catch people's attention. :D
Let's try it some other times!



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