Tuesday, November 2

Nervous + Confuse = Dizzy

Tomorrow is the DAY!!

Have an audition for my university's Idol competition tomorrow and I'm still confuse what song to sing yet. Oh God, please guide me. Prepared practising songs a week ago but then I just cant find the karaoke video version. At last ,I have to alter it to another songs. Frankly speaking, I'm not really enjoy singing these songs and I'm not  confident enough to present it, although I heart it much. 

Called mom n dad just now to beg for their blesses, suddenly remember one last sentence my dad said before I left Medan. "I'm pleased if you ask my favor in times when you are confused"-Dad.  I always love the way my dad said "I know you can do it.", it encourages me a lot. 

From the moment I hang up phone, I set up my mind that I can do it tomorrow. At least, I have to try my best.

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, I love you. 


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