Wednesday, December 29


I am me. No matter how hard I pretend to be, it can't be perfect. Sometimes, the same question mark always appeared on my mind, why I can't put on those fake expressions like others.

I am me. Never think once, but times, for taking an action. Every situation need to be taken into consideration.

I am me. Forever lean on mood. Moody is bad?? Who cares!?

I am me. Never miss the mark on my first impression (realized recently).

I am me. Trustworthy enough for the trusty ones, vice versa.

I am me. Too mushy to be on my age. Can't stand on any ruthless halfword received.

I am me. And, nobody can change me. I can't pretend to be the one who act as if she love but nevermore. I dont wanna hold my breath on trying to be tough like other. I never wanna trust people in only several face-to-face anymore. Never gonna be that stupid enough on facing this bitter-sweet life. Don't wanna  imitate any smiles for things I have never enjoyed at all.

I just wanna be myself. One that hate pressure. One that need trust. One that hate forces. One that moody all over the time.

and, FRIENDS will be those who can accept me as myself. I appreciate them. :)

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