Sunday, December 26

Xmas Journal

Kepompong's Christmas Eve Party at Ary's Residence

10 p.m.
Spaghetti for supper, cooked by:
Chef: Deffia
Onion's slicer: Mellika
Tomato's cutter: Christya
Fries shaker: Morinia
HouseKeeping: Eunice
Ingredients supplier & holder: Ary
Photographer: Angel

12 a.m.

Surprised bornday party for Christya with cheesecake, red-egg, and lovely present.

1 a.m.

Cards game accompanied by breezer and Deffia's loud-strange-unfollowable-scream.

2 a.m. 

Morinia & Eunice drunken by a bottle of breezer and going nuts, while Ary got upper-half-red face only by 1 1/2 bottle.
Deffia, Mellika, Angel and Christya watched 'Drag Me to Hell'.

Ayam Penyet Ria with 'Rame-Rame'

8 p.m.

Ayam Penyet Ria for dinner. Accidentally, Angel's sis recognize Christya's sis.

recorded (left to right):
WW, Vinnie, Deffia, Mellika, Angel(with the terrible eyes), Eunice, Ary, Christya, Morinia

Playboy - Robert
1st victim - Fanny
2nd victim - Christya


P.S- 1st thanks is for the presents, love it to the max!
        2nd thanks is for the presence, although it was rain and i know u all got wet.
        Love U all guys! :*

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