Friday, December 24

Christmases,, christmases,, long long ago!

One day left to christmas day.. This christmas seems so merry, joyful, and free. Finally, exams ended this morning and now im FREE!!! Can't wait to shout it out loud. Staying at home studying all day long this previous days make me realize a BIG changes i dont even notice,, i unfortunately missed those days when people started to buy gifts for people they love, take pictures anywhere with dazzling lightings of Christmas trees, flooded road of peoples, ... Missed capturing those moments, what a stupid school postponed exam until christmas week.

Dinner with Super-Dooper-Cute Friends, Vinnie & WW, at Din Tai Fung. Super Yummy!

Earlier Birthday present from the two chicks,, love it head over heels! So cutee >.<

Wish all Bloggers and Readers an early Happy n Merry Christmas! :)


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