Tuesday, May 17


hola chicks!

How's your day?
I'm feeling kinda exhausted lately, busy of moving to a new corner. Bruises are also coming out suddenly all around arms, and the stupid thing is that i never realized what i've done to it. *sigh
Also these days, I've had a great flow of money outta pocket. Require some furniture to be added in or else live is not live. I know that I write some rubbish, but, yeah, idk what i supposed to post here. Just that everything seems too complicated lately.

Have you ever imagine how's living with a different viewpoint people together? That you need to past "some" time with them?
There's no problem if you are in one level with them. Actually, what i mean by 'level' refers to the society, age, wealth(maybe). Especially when discussing or sharing sth, the feeling of that you have to yield to them, who is in a higher level than you, will appears. Additionally, when you have kinda relation with them which adding pounds and pounds of pressure to refuse a situation or decision. The worst part is that, when they never wanna care about your feeling, viewpoint, and situation. They just wanna do things according to what they've arranged or thought, and even if you refuse, it just added more problems to you.

But, hey! Let's just stop thinking bout it. I mumbled too much here.

Kinda deeply appreciate those really really best friends who keep helping, encouraging, understanding, supporting, and caring until today. I love you <3

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