Wednesday, January 19

Tahiti,, Im comiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!

Doing some research on this island lately for my Tourism Systems's assignment. 
This heavenly nice destination was TAHITI Island!
Let me be the tourism promoters of Tahiti for all of U :)

Intercontinental Resort 

See how clear the water was compared to crystal,, can't resist? Yes, of course.
Quess how BIG my 'WOW' was when I first look at this pics :D

There were flights from Los Angeles directly to Tahiti with 8 hours journey. Fyi, this Island has an International Aiport, amazing?!

Hey! There also have black sand beaches! yayyy!!

Tautira River

Don't forget to bring home this black pearl as a souvenir. It's original from the black-lipped oyster.

Really wish to visit this island one day. For more information & photos, u can go here.